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Welcome in Studio Tech Orlando

Welcome,Studio Tech Orlando work in the field of radio for many years both in Italy that all'ESTERO, boasts a great experience not only theoretical, but especially practice that allows you to streamline delivery times and to identify quickly the issues or the needs of the client.

Based in:
Messina in Mariano Riccio No. 32,
branch in Brugherio (MI) in Via Verdi, 10.

Studio Tech Orlando deals: Design of Plant, Legislative Director, Testing and Assessment (see field activities).((see field activities). )

Owner of Studio Tech is the Perito Industrial Carmelo Orlando, born in Patti (Me) 30/04/1965 and residing at Messina.

Acquires diploma Perito Tech Industrial in 1985, Carmelo Orlando is writing from 1987 to Provincial College of Industrial Experts of Messina with Matriculation No. 532.

Enabled the drafting of Appraisals Giurate and application of rule technology Fire Prevention prior to the issuance of certifications and the approval of the project according to L. 818/84 (being entered in the lists in the Ministry of Interior under No 00532P0063 ME), Carmelo Orlando is also included, with a note of Prot. N. 157830 of 02/06/1997, among the verifiers on the plants for letters listed below:

a) Electrical;
b) Electronic Appliances;
d) Installations water;
g) Installations fire.

In addition, the Perito Orlando is entitled to Title Engineer EurEta since 2006
with registration number 306003.

The study Tech Orlando addition to designing for its Clients offers consultancy support to other studies, professionals such as Architects and Engineers and Enterprise both design Management Jobs.

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